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Mixed Foiled Divider Stickers

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Make your planner spreads pop with our best-selling and easy to use mixed divider stickers. Layer onto existing spreads or use on their own to organise your weekly layouts! Available in Rose gold, gold and silver foil.

○ Four designs of divider to match your style
○ 52 sticker dividers in total
○ Works with any planner size or style (fits the EC vertical planner box width perfectly)
○ Hand-foiled with a premium quality foil for durability
○ Vinyl sticker paper for better resistance to day-to-day wear and spills
○ Handmade product, designed and made by us
○ Stickers are ready to peel with the excess sticker paper removed from every sheet

Tell me more!

Complement your planner spreads elegantly with these Mixed Horizontal Dividers. Our customers love that they're sized for the popular EC vertical planner system but use them in a wide range of planners. We've picked our four most popular divider designs and incorporated them into a mixed sheet for you to choose the perfect divider:

○ straight bar
○ scallop bar
○ arrow with heart
○ bar with centre bow

○ Overall sheet measures 8.5cm x 14cm (3.3" x 5.5")
○ Each divider measures 38mm wide and roughly 1mm tall.

Whether it's to 'dress-up' a spread, or go more minimal, these divider stickers are an excellent and versatile staple for any planner enthusiast or beginner. They come in a choice of three foils: rose gold (most popular), gold and silver, and as always, we 'weed' our sticker sheets (remove excess material) before packing to ensure every sticker is useable and comes away cleanly.

Linda says: "I use these when I need to quickly break up the white space in my days"

Go on....treat your planner!